Challenge #1—Testimony

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Yeah!  Our first LDS “This Is Me Challenge” is up today!  Are you excited?  You should be!

I think perhaps one of the most important legacies we could leave our loved ones, is to let them know why we believe the way we do.  Recording your testimony is a great way to do that!

The Challenge:  Record your testimony, and how you gained it!
Record your testimony in whole, but not only that, record HOW you gained parts of your testimony.  Did you gain it all at once, or little bits here and  there?  What events happened to help?

You could write this in your journal, type it in the computer, record yourself with an audio recorder or with a video camera, scrapbook it, or even write a song or a poem about it—however YOU want to record it!  

Do it by yourself or with your family.  You can always add to it as you go.  (And remember you have a whole month to work on this until the next challenge comes out, so working on it 5-10 minutes a week will be plenty of time!)  Wouldn’t it be fun to commit to work on it each Sunday after Church, and record your testimony about what you learned?  

Here’s a list of ideas to write specifics of your testimony: God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, Joseph Smith/1st Vision, Latter-Day Prophet, The Book of Mormon/Scriptures, Tithing, Temples, Word Of Wisdom, Service, Faith, The Family, Forgiveness, Repentance, Baptism, etc.
What I did:
I actually made this awhile ago (but I do need to add some more to it, so I will work on that this month).  It’s what I call, “My Testimony Book”. 

I wrote down my testimony about each subject, and how I gained my testimony on that subject.  I took some pictures that went along with each one and made a simple scrapbook page.  (The whole book is in black and white—symbolic of how the Gospel is all black and white—no gray areas!)  

IMG_7232i1  IMG_7233i1

The album is 8x8, and I just typed up the words on the computer.  I would give credit to all the stuff, but since I made it 3 years ago, I really don’t remember where it all came from. 

Now I challenge you to go record your testimony!

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