Ideas for Completing the Challenges

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There are many ways you can record your own personal history.  You can do the same thing every time, or try something different with each challenge!  It's up to you--it's YOUR history!  (If you have a great idea about how to record a challenge, let me know and I'll put it on here too!)

Here are a few ideas:

-Type it up on a word processing document.  You can make a file folder, and save each challenge individually in your folder, or make one long document with all of the challenges.  You can add pictures when you want to as well!

-Print out your documents, put them in page protectors and then put them in a pretty binder.  You could even do this as a gift!

-Start your own personal history blog (that you can make private or public, depending on who you want to see it), and write your answer, post a video, add pictures and/or scrapbook layouts to the challenge.

-Make a scrapbook layout (digital or traditional).

-Write it in a journal.

-Make a video of the challenge.  You can do this by either taking pictures and adding music to it, or by using your video camera and record yourself talking about it.

-Make an audio file of you talking about the challenge.  You could do it in the car on the way to work, in your favorite locations, or while you're sitting in bed.

-Write a poem about it.  (If you are more creative in that area than me!)

-Make a digital photo collage or album.  (Like in Photoshop, Flickr, Picassa, Photobucket, etc.)

-Make a list of things about you and the challenge.

-Write a song about it.  (Like Brad Paisley did...he he!)

-Publish a book with answers and pictures from the challenges (through places like Paper Kiwi, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Blurb or Picaboo).

-Draw it.  (This would be especially fun for younger children to do!)

-Do it together as a family!  You could even set aside a specific day and time each week (hello, FHE lesson and activity!) to work on it together!

-Interview your parents, grandparents, or other close family members or friends, and get their answers too!

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