Just for Returned Missionaries

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Here are some journaling prompts and ideas just for LDS returned missionaries.  (Single or couples.)

***Please feel free to use any of these ideas for personal use.  If you would like to print and share these ideas and question with others, please include the website address!  Thanks!***

-What was the hardest part about leaving on your mission?  The best?
-How was your time in the MTC?  (Describe schedules, district, teachers, gym time, Temple trips, etc.)
-What is the biggest lesson you learned on your mission?
-How did you feel your first day in the field?  Did you have a culture shock?
-How did you learn the language?
-What was the most disgusting thing you ate?  The best?
-Who were your favorite/least favorite companions?  Why?
-What did you learn from your companions or other missionaries?
-What did you learn from your mission president?
-How did you teach the discussions?
-Who were your favorite contacts that you taught?
-What are the different methods you used to proselyte?
-How many baptisms did you have?  (I'm totally thinking of the "Well, there was this family...." answer in the old Missionary Guide, if you know what I mean!)
-How soon toward the end of your mission did you get "trunky"?
-What was the hardest part about coming home?  The best?
-What did you learn on your mission that has helped you throughout your life?  
-How did your mission change you?
-What is your favorite mission story?

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