Challenges List and Links

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Here is a complete list of all the challenge questions as well as links to the post so you can quickly get to the challenge you want to see!

#6--When did you really have to forgive someone?  What was the process?  What did you learn from it?
#7--Record your testimony of the Book of Mormon.
#8--How do you study your scriptures?
#9--What are some of your favorite messages from the last General Conference?  Why? 
#10--What is your favorite Book of Mormon scripture?  Why?
#11--What are your many blessings?
#12--When have you helped brighten someone's day and how did it make you feel?
#13--What are some of your everyday traditions?
#14--Record your testimony of Jesus Christ.
#15--What Church callings have you had?
#16--Somehow I skipped this challenge in the numbering, but didn't notice it until 3 later, and I'm not going to really worry about going back and changing it right now...hope you don't mind! ;)
#17--How did you gain your testimony of tithing?
#18--Which prominent Church leaders have you met or seen in person?
#19--What was a temptation you once faced, but overcame it?
#20--What is a miracle you've experienced in your life?
#21--What are 10 of your strengths and 10 of your weaknesses?
#22--What is your favorite Primary song?  (Or songs)
#23--When was a time that you followed (or didn't follow) the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and what were the consequences?
#24--How did you come to really learn about the repentance process?
#25--How did you gain your testimony of Joseph Smith?
#26--What was an experience you had that built your faith?
#27--When did you have an opportunity to show integrity?
#28--What General Conference talks have made the biggest impact on you?
#29--What do you remember about your baptism day?
#30--What fun summer activities have you done with your family?   
#31--What was your favorite part about being in YW or YW?  (As a teenager or adult leader.)
#32--What are some of your gifts and talents?
#33--When has God answered a specific prayer you've had?
#34--What specifically do you love about your spouse/children/parents/etc?  (You choose who to write about.)
#35--What are your thoughts, feelings and testimony about the Sacrament? 

Bonus Challenges:

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