Missionary Photo Books

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This is a little project that I've been working on in correlation with Paper Kiwi.  Before now you couldn't find professional, custom photo books just for missionaries, but now you can! 

These books are fully customizable, flexible, and have a classical missionary theme.  Turning the pages of your own customized missionary photo book will help you remember the fun times, the hard times and the people you served!   

You can make multiple copies so you can enjoy one and give copies to your parents, grandparents or couples can give them to their children to cherish for years to come!  There are two styles of books for Elders, two for Sisters and one for couples. 


There are many features that are incorporated into these books. 
  • You can choose to design your book with the Paper Kiwi software that you can download to your computer for free, or you can use any scrapbooking software that you already have. 
  • You can design your pages in four ways:  (1)  With the Paper Kiwi quick templates and blank pages (drag and drop).  (2) With the Paper Kiwi software and the layouts above.  (3) With your own scrapbook software and the blank pages so you can design your own layouts.  (4) With your own software and the layouts above--also known as Quick Pages.  (All pages are saved as PNG files, which offer you greater flexibility.)
  • There is a themed page for all topics that missionaries may want to remember, and you have the choice to use a pre-made title, or make your own title.  All titled pages also come as non-titled, so you can even use it for a completely different theme if you choose.
  • You can mix and match any of the methods for completing your book. 
  • All themes were created with two pages, but you can choose to use both or just one of the pages.
  • Each collection was created with a specific color theme.  You can choose to stick to one collection, or you can use your favorite layouts from both!
  • Add as many pages as you want to!
  • With thousands of possibilities, you will have a one-of-a-kind, unique and personal book to remember your mission!
Here is just one example of how versatile these books are!  This is one topic--The MTC, and shown below are a few examples of how you can customize the pages to your liking.  These are from the Elder Bold and Brilliant Collection.

This is the left side on the pre-titled page.  I used a quick page template in Photoshop.
This is the left side quick page that didn't have a title, and I added my own.
  This is the right side, also in quick page format in Photoshop.  You can do this in any scrapbooking program.  The Paper Kiwi software also lets you do this.

If you don't like the quick page format, or you don't have that many pictures, you can use a blank template and arrange your pictures however you want in Photoshop.  For this layout I also added words by each picture.

You can also do something similar to this in the Paper Kiwi software.  You pick a blank missionary background, pick a Paper Kiwi layout, and simply drag and drop your photos into the slots you want.  You can also add text anywhere on the page.

Here is a look at using a different layout.  The left side is the "Areas" layout without the title--I used the blank page and added my own title.
 The right side of all two-page layouts is void of any titles so you can use them with with the titled or non-titled pages!

And just for kicks, here is a look at the combinations you can use.  These are from the Couples Collection.

Layout already done (quick page) with title.
Layout already done without title.  

Blank layout with title.

Blank layout without title.

To order your missionary book, go to Paper Kiwi's site here and follow the instructions! 

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