Fast Fact Friday--Personal History in Depth #5

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Originally posted on the This Is Me Challenge, but brought to you here on the LDS Version of TIMC in case you don’t read the other blog. 


So yes, today is Monday, not Friday.  I know that, but somehow I totally spaced FFF on Friday, and we will never get it all done if we don’t keep on track…so here’s today’s special edition of FFF—Personal History in Depth!

This Is Me Challenge Fast Fact Friday Personal History in Depth

Today’s theme is: School 
(A branch off of question #4 on FFF—PHID#2 found here.)

1.  Name all of the schools you attended, and where they were located.  (From preschool to your highest level of education.)

2.  Who was a teacher who made an impact on your learning and/or future? (Can list more than one!)

3.  What were your favorite subjects to study though the years?

4. What was a memorable/embarrassing school experience/lesson learned?  (You can choose just one, or one from each school, grade or year.  However much you want to record!)

5.  How did you decided what you wanted to be “when you grew up”, and what schooling did you do for that?


Okay, that’s all for today.  More questions coming THIS Friday…if I remember.  Winking smile

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