Challenge #2—This Life is a Test

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Welcome to the new once a week challenge on the This Is Me Challenge LDS Version!  Like the original version, there will now be a challenge question every week!  This will help you record your beliefs, your testimony, and your feelings for Gospel principles! 

You can record this however you want to.  Hand write it, type it up, take pictures, make a scrapbook page, do an audio recording of you talking about it, or have someone help you take a video of you.  You can write a song or a poem about it too!  There are so many ways you can record your story!  Your imagination is the limit!

So, now on to the challenge:

What has been the biggest trial in your life so far?  (How did you overcome it?  What did you learn from it?  Did you grow closer to Heavenly Father?)

And since I’m not going to be showing you an example of what I did, (see why here) I thought it’d be fun to share a scripture, video or quote about each challenge instead, to help inspire you. 

“…We need to remember that a fundamental purpose of life is to be tested and stretched, and thus we must learn to grow from our challenges and be grateful for the lessons that we cannot gain in an easier way.”  (Cecil O. Samuelson Jr., April 2011 General Conference.)

Now I challenge you to record about your biggest trial!

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