Challenge #6—Let It Go

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Each and every one of us makes mistakes.  Each and every one of us is also on the receiving end of mistakes.  Sometimes it’s easy to just shrug it off and say, “I forgive you”.  Other times, it’s hard to forgive.  So, here’s the challenge:

When did you really have to forgive someone?  What was the process of forgiveness?  How did you learn and grow from it?

This is a hard one.  There are so many things that could, by worldly standards, be left a grudge forever.  I found this video that went along really well with today’s challenge.  As you watch it, I want you to think about what you would do.  Would you be able to forgive as this man did?

I cannot even imagine—I’ve never had anything of this magnitude happen to me.  I think it’s so amazing that he forgave so quickly, and that he has so much faith and a good attitude.  He could have easily cursed God and the teenager for all that was taken from him.  But he didn’t.  He forgave just as Christ has forgiven all of us of our transgressions.

Here’s my forgiveness story: About 10 years ago, I had a friend say and do something that made me think she wasn’t really my friend.  It deeply hurt me.  A month or two later she mailed me a letter asking for me to forgive her.  It took a long time—probably 6 or 7 years—to email her back and tell her that I’d finally forgiven her.  Part of my problem was that I didn’t want to forgive her.  Every time I heard a lesson in Church on forgiveness, I squirmed because I felt so guilty about it!  I came to  realize that I needed to forgive her because it is a commandment, and I started praying for my heart to be softened.  Then all of the sudden one day I realized that I no longer harbored those ill feelings.  We are now good friends, and regularly keep in touch through our blogs.  Someday when I see her again (I haven’t seen her since that day), I think I will have to give her the best hug ever! 
Now I challenge you to record about an experience you’ve had that’s strengthened your testimony about forgiveness!

Now I challenge you to go record about how you've had to forgive someone!

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