Challenge #5—A Proclamation to the World

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Tomorrow is the 16th anniversary of the official announcement of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”, AKA “The Family Proclamation”!  Since it is, I thought I’d base this week’s challenge on it.

The Challenge:  “What are your feelings for, or experiences with the Family Proclamation?”  


First of all, I encourage you to read the proclamation in it’s entirety.  Ponder and pray about the truths that are taught in it.  Find the proclamation here.  Also there’s a really good article here, written on the 10 year anniversary.  I highly recommend it!
Here are a few ways I thought about to fulfill the challenge this week:  (Remember to see the tabs on top for man different ideas on specific ways you can record it!)

*If you have have had a special experience regarding the proclamation, this week would be a great time to record that experience.  It doesn’t have to be the whole proclamation, it can be just one paragraph or sentence of it.  It would also be a great time to share this experience with your family! (FHE anyone?)

*If you’ve never had a specific special experience about it, I encourage you to record your feelings and/or testimony about the truths found in it.  You can also record how you feel about your family!  

*You could read the proclamation together as a family, discuss it, and talk about what all the things mean.  Or you can do it one paragraph a day/week for young’uns.

*Pick your favorite parts and underline them.  Hang it up where you can see it everyday. (I have friends that have highlighted, “wholesome recreational activities”, and hung it up at their cabin!)

*Set a personal or family goal to do better on one part this month.  Record your goal and put it where you’ll see it daily. 

*Memorize the proclamation as a family.  (That might take a year, but it would be fun!)
For me, the proclamation has always been a firm family guideline.  Whenever I have a question, I read it first, just to remind myself of the things I should remember in the first place.  It has reminded me to be a better mother.  That my children are precious sons of God, and right now it is my responsibility to nurture them.  Even when I don’t feel like it.  Even when I’m sick or having a bad day.  Even when they are being naughty beyond all get out!  I love my family more than anything in this world, and I’m so grateful that they are mine forever.  And as long as we all heed the truths in the proclamation we can be together FOREVER!  

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If you are hungry for more ideas on the Family Proclamation, you should check out the blog “
We Talk Of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ”.  There are lots of personal stories, games and ideas that all revolved around the proclamation!  Also, I’m linking up to this post on there.

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