Feast Upon The Words of Christ…

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I came across this video on “Mormon Messages”, and it goes so well with this week’s and last week’s challenges, as well as “The Book of Mormon Forum” going on over here for the month of October.  

I know I have taken the scriptures for granted.  This video reminds me that so many people have sacrificed so much to give them to us!  

It's amazing how God has been planning for the restoration of the Gospel for this long.  Just think about it, if these men hadn't desired to get the Bible into commoner's hands, Joseph Smith wouldn't have had it, or read James 1:5, which led him to believe that God would answer his prayer!  

I am so grateful for all the righteous men and women who throughout the years have sacrificed their time and their lives to give us all a chance to have the truth in our hands.

Now I encourage you to go check out some more posts from others all about the Book of Mormon!

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