Challenge #9—General Conference

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We’re going to veer from the Book of Mormon challenges this week, and interrupt with this challenge!

What are some of your favorite messages from this past General Conference?  Why? 


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The reason I want to do this one this week, is from the First Presidency Message by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the September 2011 Ensign.

He told a story of a man who was talking with his neighbor about his beliefs in the LDS Church.  When the topic of General Conference came up, the neighbor asked, “You say you have prophets and apostles? And twice a year in a worldwide conference they reveal the word of God?”  The man confidently replied with a yes.  When the neighbor asked what they talked about in the latest conference, the man was embarrassed that he couldn’t remember.  The neighbor found that troubling—as I’m sure did the Member.

Now, I know this scenario will probably not happen to most people, but isn’t the whole point of General Conference to learn, grow and become more like Christ?  How can we do that if we don’t even remember what was said?

I know that right after General Conference, I can usually remember most of it, but as time goes on, the memories of what was said start to fade unless I’ve written them down. 

I’m a little behind this week, but I am going to be writing down the highlights of my favorite talks and set goals to improve in those areas! 

Now I challenge you to record what you’ve learned from this last General Conference!

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