The Reason For Me

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In the last challenge, I mentioned that I’d share a few ideas with you about this latest challenge of writing your testimony of Christ.  Today I’m going to share two things with you that I’ve done in the past.  (In the next post I’ll share some things that I’ve done recently just for this challenge!)

Now, before I share these, I want to stress to you that HOW you record the challenges is not as important as just doing it.  Remember, I am a scrapbooker, so that’s what I like to do.  If you are not a fan of scrapping, or just don’t have time, don’t forget that you can complete this (and all other challenges) in much more simple ways.  Even typing it up, or just writing it in your journal is great!  Do an audio recording.  If you have more time, you can write a poem or do a video recording.  Put together a slideshow of artwork and narrate your testimony.  Write a post about it on your blog.  Any way you choose, just get it down somewhere, somehow!   

The first thing I wanted to share is a scrapbook layout I made in 2007.  Originally I had intended to make the page about decorating for Christmas, but I felt that I needed to focus on the WHY we were decorating.  It’s not a normal “this is my testimony” page, but it shows some of my feelings for Christ. 

reason 2i

reason 1i

The second thing I wanted to share, is a page from my testimony scrapbook.  This is my basic testimony of why I believe that Christ is my Redeemer.

Christ 1i Christ 2i

Now, if you haven’t had a chance to record your testimony about Christ, I challenge you to do it today!  Smile

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