Challenge #15—Called to Serve

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Happy New Year!  The first LDS Challenge for the year is here today!  If you’re not a regular over at the original This Is Me Challenge, you may want to check out this week’s challenge to help you set your goals this year!  (I even put a quote from General Conference in there!)
Now to this challenge…

What Church callings have you had so far?

I thought it’d be good to record the Church callings I’ve had so far, because as time goes on, it’s getting more and more difficult to recall all of them.  Plus someday I’m sure my kids will have fun looking at my list.  I guess this is something you can update every few years too.

Of course you can do this challenge many ways:  write it in your journal, type it up on your computer, make a scrapbook layout, do a video or voice recording, or whatever you like!

I did something for today that I’ve never done on the TIMC LDS blog—a Fast Form!  If you’re a TIMC fan, you know that I’ve been making these to help you record your info in record time.  And this year, I decided I need to put a little more gusto into this blog.  

Here’s what the Fast Form looks like.  You can click on the picture to download one for yourself. (Then you can print it and write in the answers or type on it.) The only thing I ask if you decide to download freebies, is that you please become a follower of the TIMC-LDS blog over on the right (or on the top bar).  That’s not too steep of a price, right? 

LDS TIMC Fast Form--Called to Serve

I love the Fast Forms because it’s how I get my hubby to do the challenges!
Also, just for a happy new year present, you can download a 12x12 digital version of the blue “Called to Serve” paper by clicking on it. 

Called to Serve Blue

It’s simple, but you can use it to help  you make pages about your callings or use it for missionary layouts.  (Speaking of missionary stuff, I’ve got some BIG exciting news…not quite ready yet, but REALLY soon, like next week!)

Now I challenge you to record your Church callings!

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