Challenge #17—One Tenth

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“I want to give the Lord my tenth, for every time I do, it makes me think of all the gifts He gives to me and you.  He gives us life, this lovely world, and though my tenth seems small, it shows my faith and gratitude to Him the Lord of all.”   -Children’s Songbook, 150

I taught a lesson in Primary a few weeks ago about tithing.  I had one apple, cut it into ten slices and asked the children who would give me just one slice back if I gave them the whole apple.  All of them said they would!  Heavenly Father gave us everything we have here on the earth and really when you stop to think about it, one tenth of our increase is not that much to give back.  It’s all His anyway!  So here’s the challenge for this week:

How did you gain your testimony of tithing?

Record your testimony about tithing, and share the story of how you came to learn the importance of this commandment.  You can write it in your journal, or on the computer.  You can make a scrapbook page or do a video recording of you.  And don’t forget to ask your family as well!

I have a tithing page in my testimony scrapbook.  I laid out some money and a tithing slip, took a picture and put it on.  Then I typed up how I gained my testimony of tithing, printed it out and put it on too.  A simple ribbon for embellishment, and I was done!


Hopefully you can read the journaling…


And here’s a Fast Form for anyone who is going to be doing these!  Please make sure you’re a follower of TIMC-LDS before you download!  Thanks!  (Click on the picture to download.)

LDS TIMC Fast Form--Tithing

Now I challenge you to record your testimony about tithing!

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