Challenge #18—Leaders

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As I was reading Facebook a week or so ago, a friend of mine had said that her husband was able to attend a basketball game in a private suite, and who should happen to be in the suite next to him?  Why, President Monson!  How exciting would that be?  I think I’d be banging on the glass or knock on the suite door to go shake his hand!  Probably not the best or most polite thing to do…I ought to rethink that one.  Anyway, your challenge today:

Which prominent Church leaders have you met and/or seen in person? 

Now, I’m not intending this to be a “look how cool I am because I met _________” challenge.  More like a way for you to remember who you’ve been able to see and hear, and any feelings you felt when you met them.

You can do this challenge various ways:  make a list of all the leaders you’ve met or seen—go into detail as much as you want or just leave it simple, record one time of meeting a leader and what happened, or write what you would do if you met one of them.  (I hope you wouldn’t be banging on the glass like me…he he.)  

Record your feelings and the circumstances.  You could even record about someone you know who is related to or friends with a prominent leader.

Don’t forget the many places you may have seen prominent leaders too—attending a General or District Conference, a missionary meeting, a fireside, or  in public, like a basketball game, parade or even at the mall.  (My sister bumped into Elder Perry in the mall one time, and it’s actually a funny story!)

For this challenge, I just typed up a simple list in Word.  Prominent leaders I’ve actually met in person (and I briefly included the circumstances), leaders I’ve seen but haven’t met, and leaders I’d love to meet in person.

I’m not going to write it on here, mostly because I feel it’s not appropriate to advertise to everyone who I’ve met.  (And no, I’ve never met the Prophet—someday I hope!)  But I do have two funny stories to share. 

Elder Curtis, who got put into the 70 in April of 2011, was my brother’s mission president.  When my brother got to the mission home, he saw a picture of me and my mission companion on the fridge!  Yes, my mission companion happened to be President Curtis’ daughter!  We always thought that was really funny.

The other story—right after I got married, my husband and I went to Utah Jazz game with his little brother, Ken.  After half time, they always hand out the papers with stats on them, and Ken made a paper airplane.  He saw a guy about five rows in front of us, and said, “I’m aiming for the bald guy!”.  Well, the airplane deviated from the course and hit a baby nearby.  Right in the face.  (poor baby!)  But, then the bald guy (who was balding, not bald) turned around and looked right up where we were.  It was Gene R. Cook of the 70!  We still give Ken the hardest time about that one—we don’t know which is worse, hitting a baby or aiming at a general authority! 

Now I challenge you to record about some of the Church leaders you’ve seen or met!

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