Challenge #22--Sing a (Primary) Song!

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A long time ago I gave the challenge to record your favorite Church hymn and why...now it's the same challenge, only on a primary scale.  (Pun may have been intended...)

What is your favorite Primary song and why?

Maybe you're serving in Primary right now and hear the tunes every Sunday, or maybe it's been awhile since you've heard them, but remember your favorites from long ago.   Or maybe you're new to the Church and just learning the songs.  Whatever the case may be, think of what song or songs have inspired and uplifted you, helped you through the tough times, helped you rejoice in the happy times, etc.

You can make a simple list of your favorites and explain why, or focus on one of your favorites and tell the story of why.  You could record yourself (or your family) singing or performing your favorite(s) on an instrument--even if you're not the best singer or player.  Or if you are really musically talented you can write a new arrangement of  your favorite!  You could also make a goal to memorize all the verses of your favorites!

If you are stumped and don't know what else to do, you can print off this week's Fast Form and quickly get this challenge done!  (You could also print off one for each member of your family and use this as an activity for FHE after a lesson on good music!)

You can download the Fast Form by clicking on it.  Please remember that freebies are for blog followers! :) 

I did the Fast Form this time and will have my family also do one as well.  I love having my kids do these because it not only reflects their favorites at the moment, but shows off their handwriting as well!  How fun these will be to look back on in 20 years! (Though I can't say that I love my handwriting...)

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Now I challenge you to record about your favorite Primary songs!

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