Challenge #27--Integrity

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This week’s challenge is all about integrity.  I looked up the definition just for fun, and this is what it said:



1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.

3. a sound unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull.

Synonyms  1. rectitude, probity, virtue. See honor.  Antonyms  1. dishonesty.

So definition 1. is the integrity we’re talking about today, but what I really loved were the synonyms and antonyms! 

So many times in today’s society, one sees a compromising of integrity.  Rarely can we sit down and watch TV or listen to music for more that 5 minutes without  someone saying or doing something dishonestly, or without integrity.  But, there are lots of examples of integrity all around us as well, and now is the time for you to record a time in your life.

When did you have the opportunity to show integrity?

You can always focus on just one thing that was big in your life, make a list of many times, or even just record your feelings for it in general.  Of course, you can always talk about a time when you saw someone else show integrity and what that meant to you!

Here are a couple of examples to help get your thoughts going!

What Natalie did:

We often think of integrity when we think of words like cheating, stealing, or lying.  Integrity also includes those things you do when no one is looking.  Integrity is choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.
Several years ago, I participated in my city's "beauty" pageant.  One Saturday, all of the contestants went shopping together, in an attempt to find the perfect pageant dresses.  As I was scouring the racks for a modest dress, the pageant director tried to convince me to wear a strapless dress.  Other LDS girls participating in the pageant were busy trying on immodest dresses, making it hard for me to defend myself.  On the evening of the pageant, I was the only LDS girl wearing modest clothing throughout the pageant.  That evening, I didn't win a crown or banner.  I didn't even place in the Top 10.   It was hard to see the other LDS girls, wearing immodest dresses, with crowns and banners at the end of the night.  I realized that a crown and banner didn't really matter to me.  What mattered the most was that I held on to what I knew was right, and that made me the real winner.
Sister Carol B. Thomas (First Counselor in the Young Women's General Presidency) said, "Remember this: as you develop your integrity you can be more beautiful. Integrity makes you whole and complete. Integrity will bring a twinkle to your eye and a look of confidence that will magnetically draw people to you." I know this is true!

What I did:

I just made a scrapbook layout, and in the place of where the picture was supposed to be, I typed up my story.

integrity copy

The text is really small, so here is what it says:

A long time ago, I read an Ensign article about integrity.  In the story, a man and his wife had received a letter in the mail that hadn’t been cancelled by the post office.  The man told his wife it was their lucky day and they could re-use the stamp to mail a letter.  His wife responded with, “Is your integrity worth 29 cents?”
Ever since then, I have thought of that phrase when I’ve had to make a choice that would involve my integrity--because honestly I don’t want to compromise my integrity for any amount of money or defilement.  The eternal repercussions are not worth it! 
I haven’t really had any huge experiences with showing integrity--at least not big enough that anyone would know. Most of my trials of integrity have had to do with small instances.  In fact, I had one of those experiences just this last weekend.  Our family had gone to the home improvement store and bought a ton of stuff we needed.  Quinn went to pull the truck up so we could easily load things while I checked out in the chaos that comes with four boys who’ve been shopping for an hour.  I somehow didn’t see a bolt that was in the cart until I was loading everything into the truck.  My first thought was, “oh well, it’s probably only a couple of cents.”  But then I remembered this saying and headed straight back to the checkout counter.  My integrity was not worth only a dollar! 
There have been many small instances like these, and I’ve had to make a choice.  Sometimes I make the wrong one and need to fix it, but I guess no one’s perfect and that’s why we have the glorious atonement to bridge those gaps and make us better than we could be alone!
So, what’s my integrity worth? Everything!

Credits:  Template, Jessica Sprague.  Paper, Urban Boys, L. Riches and unknown.  Brushes, Dainty Swirls, author unknown.  Fonts: Cursive Standard (Integrity), Sketched Rockwell (Title), Spicy Sushi Roll (Journaling). 

Now I challenge you to record about integrity!

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