This Is Me: Team Member Robin

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We’re going to have another new team member here on the TIMC—LDS, Robin! 

I present the lovely and talented Robin:


Hi Everyone!

My name is Robin Lyman and I am a 28 year old married mother of 3 from St. George, Utah. I was born in Arizona but moved here when I was not even a year old and I intend to stay here until the day I die. I love it here! My husband Darin and I met back in 2003 when he began dating my best friend in college…after their relationship ended and a year later, he finally asked me out! We dated for 2 months before we were engaged and were married just over a month later. Yep, we had our first date April 22, 2004 and were married in the St. George Temple on July 31, 2004.

We have 3 beautifully talented adorable children, 2 of which are biological, and 1 adopted. Allyson is 7, Alex is 4, and our little Alana is 18 months. I absolutely love to READ (although I didn’t always truly love it, Harry Potter sparked my passion for it) and I am constantly looking for new books to read. I love the idea of a Kindle (and I actually own one) but I will never buy books for my Kindle, at least not until I can afford to buy the actual book AND the e-book together. There is just something so comforting and “homey” about seeing books on a bookshelf. I could never give up my books. Currently I am reading the second book in the “Divergent” series, and I highly recommend it! This series has become the newest addition to mine and my husband’s book collection. (Yes, he reads just as much as me if not more.)

I also just started writing my own book, a fiction trilogy. That’s all I am going to say for now, lol, but keep an eye out in the books stores and online, and maybe, just maybe you will see a book by Robin K. Lyman up for sale. I have always wanted to write a book ever since my first creative writing class in middle school. I have written TONS of poetry and I even won 3rd place in my senior year of high school (out of the whole school might I add) for a short story that I wrote in less than an hour. I still have the bronze medal in my keepsake box and I think of it often to remind me that I CAN write and that I NEED to write. Heavenly Father gave me a talent I should not waste it.

I also enjoy crafting in my spare time and I am a HUGE organization freak. My husband often jokes that I am OCD, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I am. I can’t even go to bed at night unless the bed is made first. So if I get up in the morning and don’t make the bed, I will make it right before bed, even if it means that I am literally just going to get right back in it two second afterwards. That’s how OCD I am. My greatest project ever organized though is my Menu Board (which you can find on my blog RobbyGurl’s Creations).

I am so looking forward to being a team member here, mostly because I really need to push myself to write in my journal on a regular basis, and also because I often feel that what is the point of writing in my journal if no one is going to read it now? I don’t want to wait until I die and see my loved ones reading it from Heaven. I want people to know my story now. I hope I can share things with you that will help you to not feel alone. Because I feel that we all have something in common and we all have an answer to one another’s problems, it’s just a matter of finding the right person who will listen.


Robin Lyman

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