Challenge #30 - Summer Fun

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I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.  My Grandfather was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and I haven't felt up to writing anything.  My deepest apologies.

The topic for this challenge is Summer Fun.  What fun summer activities have you done with your family?  What activity was your favorite?  How did the activity bring your family closer together?

Growing up, my family never did anything during the summers. My mom was a single parent raising 4 children. She could not afford to take time off of work to travel anywhere. As children, we spent the summer in summer school. (Boring right?)

When I was 16, my family took our one and only summer trip - to Utah. We spent time with friends, toured Temple Square, and were introduced to Night Games. (In California it is not safe to be out after dark). It was fun to spend time with my family and doing things we had never done before.

My husband and I have been married for just over 5 years. We haven't been able to travel every summer. We have visited my family in San Diego, spent a weekend in Las Vegas, and last year visited the east coast and Canada. My favorite part of last years trip was spending time in the Sacred Grove. My testimony of the Restoration was strengthened. My husband and I enjoyed being able to share our testimonies along the way, with people we came in contact with.

This summer I look forward to spending time with my Grandpa, having several BBQ's, and painting our new house!

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