Challenge #33—Say a Little Prayer

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Today’s challenge is one that I hold near and dear to my heart.  All about prayer!

When has God answered a specific prayer that you’ve had?

Now, maybe He didn’t answer it in the way you had hoped, or would’ve liked, but how did that change your attitude?  Was it something big you had prayed for over and over, or something small but significant?  It could’ve even been something that seemed silly, but important nonetheless. 

God answers prayers, and He answers them in the way that is best for us—and we don’t always know what is best for us.  Sometimes my kids ask for things they don’t need or that are not best for them at the moment.  I tell them no (or sometimes, it’s just a “not now” answer).  It’s not that I don’t love them, or want them to be unhappy.  I have lived a bit longer than them, and I know that some things just aren’t good for them right now.  That is exactly how Heavenly Father is.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows the future and what it holds for each one of us.  Sometimes we are meant to go through the refiner’s fire so that we can come out of it stronger than before.  Sometimes His answer is a right away “yes”…sometimes we have to wait patiently for that “yes”…sometimes we get a “not now” answer…and sometimes it’s a “no”.  No matter HOW He has answered, it’s still an answer!

My very favorite scripture is in Alma 37:37

LDS--TIMC Counsel Printable

It talks about prayer and how we need to counsel with the Lord in all that we do.  I’ve always taken this to mean that we counsel with him in important matters…not small everyday things like which plates to use at dinner.

You are more than welcome to print off this quote—I just ask that you please follow this blog.  It’s 8x10.  Chalkboard background from How To Nest For Less.  Fonts: Janda Stylish Script, Aargh, Sketch Rockwell.  Flourish: Adobe Photoshop.

What I did:

This week to record my challenge I was going to make a scrapbook page, but didn’t have time yet, so here’s the story that will soon be put into one.  (And I will post it up on here when I get it done.)

There are many times in my life that God has answered prayers in my life—big prayers: where to attend college, whether or not to go on a mission, if I had chosen the right man to marry.  Littler prayers:  help on a test, comfort in times of trouble and need.  And of course prayers for my family and loved ones in their times of need.  There were also many times I prayed for things that seemed so silly, but it was still important to me. 

One of those times was about a year ago.  One morning I realized I couldn’t find my wedding and engagement rings.  I had never gotten them soldered together, so when I lost them, I panicked, because they could get lost from each other and make it that much harder to find! 

I had looked in my usual three spots that I put my rings.  (I don’t like wearing them to sleep in, and always take them off when putting lotion on my hands.)  They weren’t in any of those places.  I searched high and low—every drawer, countertop, closet, and all over the carpets.  I prayed and prayed that I would find them.  Though, I knew they were just rings and had no eternal value, it was still important to me because it signified two of the most special days in my life.  I knew I could replace them if I had to, but it was a sad thought. 

A week and a half went by and I still couldn’t find them.  I’d decided that they were gone for good.  I was doing laundry, and I rarely check my pockets in the laundry room, because I usually check them before I throw my clothes in the hamper.  But this day, I had this thought come to my mind to check my jacket pocket…and of course I found both of my rings!!!  It came back to my mind, clear as day, that I had put them in my pocket after bathing the kids so I wouldn’t get lotion on them.  I humbly said a prayer of gratitude, and learned the lesson to never give up!  I also realized that day, that even though losing my rings and praying for help to find them seemed trivial in the whole eternal scheme of things, Heavenly Father knew they were important to me.  He does care for us, and wants us to be happy.  And, He does answer prayers!

Now I challenge you to record a story (or two) of a time when God answered your prayers!

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