Challenge #34--Now That's Love

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Tomorrow is the official "Day of Love"--Valentine's Day!  So, I thought I'd do a fun little challenge on expressing our love to those we love!

What do you love about your spouse?  (Or child(ren), parent, finance, etc.)

I have found that as each day goes by, I love my husband more and more.  I love my children more and more.  It never ceases to amaze me that my love never stops growing for them!  I tell them often that I love them, but I never really tell them why.  You may be the same way, so now this is your chance to record a few things that you love about your spouse or anyone else that you love! 

Here a few ideas of what you could do to record this challenge:
*Make a list, such as "50 Reasons I Love You", or "How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!".
*Use the letters from the person's name and write one quality about that person that starts with that letter.
*Write a poem about that person and how your love grows each day for them.
*Make a scrapbook page with a picture of you and the person and write why you love him/her.
*Draw or paint a picture of one thing you love about this person.
*Make a video with pictures and text telling reasons.
*Cut up a few slips of paper and write one reason on each slip of paper.  Put them all together in a special container, inside a favorite candy or in balloons!

How ever you do this, make sure you make a copy of what you've written and put it in a special place!

What I did:

I actually did this quite a few years ago, but still wanted to share it anyway.   Every night I write in my journal, and in this journal, I added one thing that I love about my husband each night in the back.  I used different pens and font styles.  It reminds me of those "Smash Books" that are pretty popular right now.  I love looking back at some of the things that I wrote--all of which are true still, but I have more to add to it 7 years later! 

Now I challenge you to record some things you love about someone special in your life! 

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