Challenge #36—The Priesthood Is Restored!

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One of the most prominent aspects that sets the LDS Church apart from any other church, is the fact that we have the Priesthood.  So, today’s challenge is based upon the Priesthood.

How do you feel about the Priesthood?



What I did:

I just quickly wrote down my feelings about the Priesthood to record my testimony of this sacred power for my posterity.

I’ve always liked the definition of the priesthood as “the power and the authority from God to act in His name”.  The Priesthood is special.  As I reflect upon the importance of this sacred power, I can’t help but think of the men and boys in my life who are and will someday be bearers of this sacred responsibility. 

From my earliest memories, my dad has offered Priesthood blessings to me when I needed them.  When I was sick, when I needed comfort, and every year as the school year started.  I didn’t always understand how blessed I was to have the Priesthood in my home, but I’m glad that it was. 

I’m grateful  to be married to a faithful man who is always so willing to give me, our children and anyone else who needs it, a blessing. 

I am preparing my four sons right now to someday receive this special blessing.  I’m teaching them to be faithful, prayerful, and close to the Lord, so that in a few years, they will be worthy to hold the Priesthood and use it to bless others.

I know the Priesthood is special, because it’s not given to just anyone who wants to have it.  There are many people, including women, who feel left out—feel that they are missing something because they can’t hold this special power.  I have never felt that I was missing something because I couldn’t hold the Priesthood.  Just because I can’t hold the Priesthood, does not mean that I can’t be blessed by it.  Maybe those people are missing the fact that it can only be used to bless others—a Priesthood holder uses this special gift to serve others, and cannot be used by the holder for himself.  The Priesthood power is not a power of dominion, intelligence, or something that elevates one person over another. 

If you’ve ever seen, or read about a certain super hero who slings webs, you’ll know that his uncle once told him, “With great power comes great responsibility”. I believe that’s how the Priesthood is.  It is a power from God, and is not to be taken lightly.  It takes dedication to be faithful and worthy to hold that special power.  Only those living the highest of God’s standards are eligible.

I am grateful for the power of the Priesthood.  I have seen miracles happen from blessings and acts of those who hold this sacred power.  I know it the authority of God here on the earth, and I feel so blessed to have the power of the Priesthood in my home.

Now I challenge you to record your thoughts and feelings on the Priesthood

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