Challenge #35—While of These Emblems

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First of all, I apologize to anyone who has needed a new challenge for a few weeks…I really try to get new ones up every couple of weeks but sometimes life just gets in the way and time slips away.  I’m trying!  Today we do have a new challenge, and it’s a good one!

What are your thoughts, feelings and testimony about the Sacrament?



This is something I never thought about recording before a few weeks ago.  Not coincidentally, I was listening to some older conference talks and one came up talking all about the Sacrament.  It’s by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, and it is an amazing talk—I recommend you read it or listen to it right now!  You can find it right here.  This talk is going to be the basis of our next FHE. 

So, you know the drill by now, right?  Think about how you feel about the Sacrament, then record your thoughts, feelings and testimony about it in the way you choose!  If you’re new here, see the tab up above for ideas of different ways of how you can record it your way.  Smile 

What I did:

I haven’t had time to do my normal scrapbook page, so I just typed up a quick few paragraphs about how I feel about the Sacrament. 

When I think about the Sacrament, many things run through my head.  As a child, I never really understood what it was except a little snack.  As a teenager, I knew it was a way to renew my baptismal covenants and remember Christ.  All of that changed when I went away to college.

I remember my first Sunday at Church.  We actually met in the auditorium of an elementary school, which I thought was strange and wondered if I’d be able to feel the Spirit while not in an actual Church house.  We sang the Sacrament song, and during the prayer and the passing of the sacrament, it was deathly quiet.  I’d never experienced that before, and the Spirit was so strong that I vividly remember the warm feeling in my  heart.  It was the first time I realized how important the Sacrament really is.

As I grew accustomed to the quiet Sacrament meetings in that singles ward and others, I felt like I was sitting next to my Savior each Sunday.  It was really quite a renewal to my Spirit, and I looked forward to it each week. 

After I got married, it was quite a stark contrast to suddenly be in a family ward with all the kids talking, crying and sometimes screaming.  I still tried really hard to focus on the Sacrament, often reading scriptures or Hymns to help me.  But when I had children of my own, who were often crying or struggling during the Sacrament, I realized that I wanted to find a way to again capture that feeling I’d felt in my singles wards. 

I figured the best plan, would be to help my children think about Christ during that time, so that I could to.  We’ve done pictures of Christ, the illustrated scripture stories, The Friend magazine, and sometimes I’ve let them color pictures.  It’s my goal as a mother to really instill understanding of the sacredness of the Sacrament into my children’s minds and hearts. 

As they’ve gotten older, they have learned to be reverent and quiet during that time.  I find I can once again ready the words in the sacrament hymns or the scriptures and remember my Savior, and every precious drop of blood that He shed for me. 

I am so grateful for the Sacrament and for the opportunity I have to each week renew my covenants with Him, and to feel of His love for me. He has given us this great gift to be closer to Him, and I look forward to this sacred ordinance each week. 

Now I challenge you to record your thoughts, feelings and testimony about the Sacrament!

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