Challenge #4—I Love to See the Temple

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I love the challenge this week!  (And it may be a repeat if you did this on challenge #1.)

How did you gain your testimony of the Temple?  

Pretty self-explanatory!  If you need any ideas of how to complete this challenge, click on the tab on the top.

I found a wonderful video about why we build Temples. 

Also, here’s a good quote I liked by President Packer.  “The temple itself becomes a symbol. If you have seen one of the temples at night, fully lighted, you know what an impressive sight that can be. The house of the Lord, bathed in light, standing out in the darkness, becomes symbolic of the power and the inspiration of the gospel of Jesus Christ standing as a beacon in a world that sinks ever further into spiritual darkness.”

The reason I love this one, is because when I was in High School I had the opportunity to see the Mt. Timpanogos Temple being built in my backyard!  Seeing it go up, volunteering at the open house, and attending the dedication all helped me gain my testimony of the sacredness of the Temple. In fact, when I was at the Temple dedication, my family was in one of the endowment rooms, and that’s when I really had the witness that I was supposed to go on a mission.  A few years later, I was able to go back through the Mt. Timpanogos Temple to receive my endowments prior to my mission.  And of course the day I was sealed for eternity to my best friend was one of pure happiness!

Now, I live close to the Brigham City Temple that is being built!  It’s been so fun to watch it going up, and every time we drive by it, I point it out to my kids, because I hope they are as excited about the Temple as I am—I can’t wait for the open house and dedication!

Now, I challenge you to go record your feelings about the Temple!

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