Challenge #29 - Baptism

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Talk about the memories of your baptism.  Where were you baptized?  Who baptized you?  What do you remember about that day?

What Emily did:

I thought I'd write up a top ten list of the things I remember most about my baptism day:

1.  I was baptized at the American Fork Tabernacle building.
2.  I picked out a pink, frilly dress for the occasion.  (Guess we couldn't find white.  The stake provided white clothes for the actual ceremony.)
3.  My grandma and grandpa were there.
4.  My dad baptized me.
5.  I was scared that my feet would pop up.
6.  I had the most wonderful, clean feeling when I came up out of the water.
7.  I was baptized just after I turned 8, on Aug. 31, 1985.
8.  As was the custom back then, I received the gift of the Holy Ghost the next day at Church.
9.  My dad also performed that ordinance.
10.  The whole experience was amazing. 


When I was 8 years old, I wanted to get baptized.  My father was very much against me getting baptized, and refused to give his permission.  Finally, about 5 months later, my father called to give permission.  I remember running to my room and jumping up and down bouncing (it was a bunk bed) on my knees!  The Stake Primary was holding their monthly baptisms the next day, so I was quickly added to the list of children.  I was baptized on May 6, 1989, in the same building where I later gave my mission farewell and homecoming talks. 

Our home teacher performed the ordinance.  I remember that he came to my baptism with his young son who had the chicken pox (talk about dedication)!  My mom bought me a beautiful pink dress to wear (I guess we couldn't find a white dress either).

I remember feeling clean after my baptism and never wanting that feeling to go away.  I am thankful for the sacrament that allows me to renew my baptismal covenants and feel clean every week.

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